Travant Solutions, Inc.


There are three key aspects that differentiate Travant from other IT consultancies:
  • The depth of experience of our team members.
  • Our use of this experience to establish repeatable methods that shorten software development time, automate testing, improve quality, and expedite deployment.
  • Our interpersonal and communication skills. We are receptive, respectful, inquisitive, thought-provoking and open-minded. This, together with our knowledge and experience, enables us to provide powerful advice and to serve as an advocate.

We leverage our experience and our methodology created from that experience to approach each project in an intelligent manner that meets business objectives. The benefit of this is to deliver projects on a timely basis while minimizing complexity of future support and the total cost of ownership.

Our client stories describe a sampling of projects that Travant has implemented. Travant's principals and team members have amassed experience from our projects at Travant, as well as those in our careers prior to Travant.

Java and .NET Technologies
We have been building web applications since 1995. We embraced Java while it was still in beta in 1995 and produced business applications with it starting in 1997. We've developed Java frameworks to manage security and persistence of data for the support of large scale applications. In addition, we leverage object relational, user interface, and other frameworks for applications when it is appropriate to do so. We've been building applications using .NET since it was released in 2003. We've implemented a comprehensive framework for data management and other system operations based on .NET, and we've leveraged it to rapidly develop many .NET applications. The majority of Travant's projects today involve the implementation of .NET or Java technologies.
Healthcare Applications
We work with organizations in various aspects of the healthcare industry, including medical practices and non-profit organizations. The following are some examples of services we have provided to healthcare organizations.
  • Electronic medical record (EMR) software assessment and selection.
  • Development of patient management systems.
  • Systems integration using Health Level 7 (HL7) and Continuity of Care Record (CCR) protocols.
  • Development of software to manage insurance claim adjudication.

We have provided guidance regarding a variety of IT needs for healthcare organizations, including matters related to document management, messaging, and HIPAA compliant data transfers.

Field Service Applications
We have built several field service applications to meet the needs of unique businesses requiring such software to run their operations. These software applications are used to manage a variety of scenarios, including the following:
  • Employees working in a variety of locations, including onsite project workers, traveling employees, and employees working remotely (telecommuting).
  • Using the services of independent contractors.
  • Sharing information with suppliers and other partners.

Some of these applications have been web-based, allowing easy access from any computer or mobile device. In some cases, we have built client/server applications to store information on devices locally and then synchronize them with central servers via the Internet.

Websites and Electronic Commerce
Many of the web applications that we have created are external-facing to help a company advertise itself and to sell its products. Our marketing and graphics experts establish a professional and targeted Internet presence for organizations, and our software engineers integrate the look and feel with core application functionality. Our experience includes the following types of applications:
  • Marketing content, often referred to as "brochureware".
  • Electronic commerce to present catalogs of products, process orders, and manage credit card, debit card, and ACH transactions.
  • Business-to-business and business-to-consumer oriented sites.

We've built systems to track valuable information about visitors to websites that can be mined to improve marketing efforts, customer loyalty, and repeat orders.

Commercial Software Product Development
Our breadth of experience includes the development and release of commercial software products. This applies to web-based services and shrink-wrapped software. The following are some aspects of our experience in these areas:
  • Serve as the development team to engineer product for a software company.
  • Manage the process of building documentation and other material to be released with commercial software.
  • Manage alpha and beta test activities.
  • Develop product support procedures and assist in support activities.
We are experienced with the full spectrum of software product management activities that comprise commercial software releases, including help text, documentation, and licensing considerations.
Facilities Management
Our background includes expertise with real estate management and asset management processes. We have leveraged software products and web-based services pertaining to the following:
  • Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM)
  • Property management
  • Lease management

We can help you manage the cost of property maintenance and the work order process, ensure internal costs are properly allocated in the organization, and track the employee and asset locations to simplify moves and other facilities management processes.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
We have implemented CRM at organizations to help them manage communications with customers, prospective customers, suppliers, and partners. We have extensive experience customizing CRM systems to enable process flows that are unique to a company and to provide meaningful analytics that improve customer service, reduce lost sales leads, and result in improved revenue. The following are among the products we have implemented:
  • Oncontact CRM
  • Sage CRM
  • Sugar CRM (Open Source)

We apply our proven methods for software package selection to help you determine which CRM system is the best fit. We will facilitate the process of establishing requirements; we'll draft the Request for Proposal, manage the process of vendor demonstrations, and provide a scoring mechanism for assessing results. For more details, please visit our CRM page.