Travant Solutions, Inc.


Client Story: Visibillity, Inc.

Client Started April, 2002

Visibillity provides a collaborative litigation management solution that results in quality decision-making processes and minimizes the cost of litigation. Through its web application, Visibillity improves and streamlines the partnership between insurance companies and law firms. As Visibillity expanded its service offerings, they looked to Travant to leverage an additional software development team to produce new product functionality. As a result, Visibillity was able to implement new functionality in a rapid timeframe without removing internal development staff from other critical tasks.
  • Active Server Pages (Classic ASP)
  • JavaScript
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Visibility Logo "Travant Solutions provided outstanding software engineering talent and produced high-quality results. They seamlessly integrated their deliverables with our existing software application in a rapid timeframe."

- Yves Baseke, Product Release Manager