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Travant Solutions® bridges the gap between a business vision and the technical prowess required to achieve that vision. This is the result of years of experience on the part of Travant's people. Our principals have been implementing business solutions since the 1980s. Our team members have been implementing web applications since 1995. We have extensive expertise with Java enterprise applications going back to 1997, and with the .NET framework since it was released in 2002. Over the course of Travant's tenure and our careers prior to it, Travant's principals and team members have developed hundreds of software applications, built system frameworks to manage data access and security, and integrated various published software products for our clients.

Travant has leveraged these years of experience to construct concrete methods for designing, developing, and rolling out software applications. This ensures the quality of our deliverables and gives our clients the flexibility to purchase only the services that they need. The following sections describe some of the services that comprise our methods. You have the freedom to engage Travant in any phase of the software development lifecycle, and our deliverables can be utilized by (and produced with) your staff to facilitate next steps.

Determining the Right Approach
Our clients often come to us because they have exciting ideas or because they are facing some questions about how to solve a problem. Perhaps your organization can relate to one of these examples:
  • The systems in place now are antiquated and are an obstacle to growth or rollout of new products or services. The question is whether it is best to enhance the old systems, leave old functionality in place but integrate it with new software to handle new functionality, try to locate an off-the-shelf package that meets some or all of the needs, or replace everything with a custom system.
  • Your organization has been established for sometime, but you have a new concept that you wish to bring to market. Alternatively, you are a startup organization bringing a concept to market. In order to do so and remain ahead of the competition, you require a proprietary system.
  • You have processes that require substantial manual intervention or heavy use of paper. This might apply to activities with your employees, your customers, or your business partners. You seek to expedite the process and improve accuracy through automation, reducing human involvement, and sharing information electronically.
  • Your organization is in need of a new website to provide a carefully conceived marketing message to customers and prospective customers. Perhaps the website needs to be extended to capture data, enable electronic commerce, or provide a working area for customers, employees, or partners to carry out activities.

When a company has a business problem to solve, Travant can set a direction for resolution. We conduct use case analysis to depict business requirements in terms of system functions and the actors (people or other systems) that perform them. This is a key concept of object-oriented software engineering, and Travant has enhanced it to document business processes while effectively planning for a subsequent software architecture. Travant documents requirements and provides advice, insight, and recommendations for enhancement of business processes and utilization of technology.

Solution Architecture and Design
Travant has proven, repeatable methods for converting business requirements into technical solutions. Our team members are experienced with a variety of technology platforms and understand how to integrate the various aspects of a solution. Travant leverages quality techniques such as object modeling, data modeling, prototyping, and algorithm design/pseudocoding to create a blueprint of the required solution. We also conduct searches for existing software products and components that could contribute to the solution. Travant provides expert project management to verify solution scope, evaluate technology costs, provide quality estimates for subsequent solution implementation, and ensure that the designed solution meets your needs.

The design process is iterative in nature and produces a wide variety of deliverables, including a set of user interface screens to demonstrate system flow navigation, a data definition schema, and sample output for desired reports. The process constantly involves review and approval, ensuring that you are completely comfortable with the direction of the project at all times. Upon completion of the design, we deliver a specification document containing a summary of all deliverables that have been approved throughout the project. This serves as your reference for the system's functionality, and it serves as a blueprint for the subsequent software development.

Refer to our work with Inspect Solutions, Heads and Threads International and True Source as a few of our many example projects.

Software Engineering/Solution Implementation
Travant has established a proven and solid set of methods to engineer business software for web, Windows, and mobile applications. Travant's engineers are among the best in the industry with proficiency in many software development and scripting languages, database platforms, and reporting tools. The following are some highlights of our best of breed software practices:
  • Object-oriented software engineering is leveraged whenever appropriate to do so. This results in componentized software that is easier to develop and maintain.
  • Frameworks are implemented for managing data and security, allowing for a rapid implementation of stable back-end application functionality.
  • Unit testing is automated through such tools as JUnit and NUnit to expedite development and ensure quality of all lower-level components and frameworks.
  • Code walk-throughs take place to ensure adherence to methods, proper code documentation, and consistency in use of techniques.
  • Frequent software builds take place using source management tools to carefully control the status of the software application and create releases. Scripting tools such as ANT and NANT are used to quickly create consistent software builds with minimal effort.
  • System test plans are created concurrently with software development. These test plans are derived directly from the design specification, and they are executed upon completion of each software component.
Travant provides expert project management to guide the entire process and ensure quality and on-track delivery. This extends to software components that are being produced by members of your team as well, . Their experience in projects with Travant will leave them better trained and able to extend and maintain software applications.

Refer to our work with SwiftM Medical GroupD, Elliott Affiliates, and Produce Reporter as a few of our many example projects.

Package Selection, Integration, and Tailoring
Sometimes a published off-the-shelf software package or Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) offering is the appropriate solution. Selecting the right software products to satisfy requirements for the lowest total cost of ownership is a challenging task. Travant has proven methods for conducting the package selection process. We leverage use case analysis, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, and process flow reviews to establish functional requirements for the packaged software. We determine a suitable list of potential vendors, and we create a scoring mechanism to grade them. Travant writes the Request for Proposal (RFP) document and associated questionnaires to facilitate a controlled response from the prospective vendors. Based on the scores of the responses, we help you to choose a short list, and we arrange product demonstrations. Travant manages the vendor relationships for you throughout the process.

We analyze all aspects of the vendor responses, including functionality, technical requirements, and the necessary investments to purchase licenses and software maintenance, as well as your internal IT requirements. Together, we select the optimal software for your solution. We'll then help you to implement the software, including integrating it with other systems. Travant's team members have experience with CRM, HR, Financial, and Facilities Management software packages.

Refer to our work with Produce Reporter and Gift of Hope as example projects.

General Technical Services
Travant Solutions can provide key individuals to augment project teams or serve as technical experts for our clients. The following are examples of such roles:
  • Software Architect
  • Software Development Team Lead
  • Software Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Project Manager
  • IT Manager
Is your organization having difficulty determining the best approach to evaluating potential IS services firms? Travant's white paper on Hiring & Managing an IT Professional Services Firm is a high-level guide to both selecting an appropriate firm and how to expect to manage them to achieve the best results.

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