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Client Story: Digital Fuel Solutions

Client Since July, 2014

Bill of Lading Application
Digital Fuel Solutions (DFS) provides a hosted solution for the petroleum industry to match inventory needs at service stations with haulers that deliver gasoline. DFS needs to store bill of lading information pertaining to fuel deliveries, and it had been a cumbersome process to collect this data. DFS hired Travant to build a mobile application that photographs and clarifies the images of paper documentation provided to drivers when delivering fuel. A key aspect is the examination of the image prior to photographing and prompting the driver to reposition the phone as needed to optimize the image. The resulting images are then uploaded to a server application to be associated with the respective driver and service station.
  • Android OS
  • CamScanner

Digital Fuel Solutions Logo "The BOL application has simplified our process substantially, and it has greatly improved the readability of the documents."

- John McMahon, CEO

SQL Server Maintenance and Performance Tuning
DFS was running a .NET web application that utilized a SQL Server database. Significant performance problems were occurring with the application, and SQL Server was occasionally producing errors and other failures. Travant examined the application and database and then created a series of procedures to stabilize the environment. This included the implementation of indexes, jobs to optimize tables, and a variety of other database enhancements. Travant continued to provide such database administration (DBA) services until the environment became stable, and the application performed more reasonably.
  • Microsoft SQL Server

"DFS does not have a DBA on staff, and we were unsure as to the cause of our performance and stability issues. Travant resolved our problems and extended the life of our primary software application."

- John McMahon, CEO