Travant Solutions, Inc.


Client Story: Elite Exterior Restorations, LLC.

Client Started January, 2004

Elite Exterior Restorations (EER) provides exterior remodeling services including roofs, windows, and doors. Their back office operations consisted of separate silos of functionality for contact management and sales force tracking, accounting, and proposal generation resulting in duplicate data entry and general inefficiencies. EER came to Travant to integrate their back-office operations to stream-line their business processes from the initial prospect management, proposal generation, and finally accounts receivables. Travant also assisted in streamlining other business processes including cash flow and vendor discount management. Through documenting best practices and implementing third-party components, Travant was able to integrate EER's contact management system with both the proposal generating system and back-end accounting software resulting in more efficient operations and a reduction in errors.
Elite Exterior Restorations Logo "Travant impressed me the most with how they were able to listen the description of our problems and goals and translated them into something tangible. They quickly demonstrated they understood what our prime concerns were and were able to clearly articulate an appropriate solution that satisfied both our technical and business needs, and most importantly, within our budget."

- Greg Cigan, Principal